All Grace Is Outrageous.  4 pages

Every Christian's biggest challenge!

From David's Commentary on Galatians: Ultimate Freedom

If you only read one article, make it this one!

Five Grace Bridges  2 pages

An outline about growing in Grace.  

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Hearing God   1 page

A point by point presentation on why and how any Christian believer can be led by God daily.  1 page 

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Dependence On God  2 pages

Humans were originally designed to be dependent on God. Adam was given great power to be in charge of the entire natural world in dependence on God. He lost this power when he took his life into his own hands. Jesus said that he did not do anything that he did not see the Father doing. Jesus walked in total dependence on God the Father.

Etched In Stone  2 p

A few historical statements that are etched in stone on the public buildings in Washington, D.C.

Is Capitalism Christian?  5p

The Protestant Reformation was not merely a change in religion. It changed every part of life. It was an economic and social revolution that changed politics for ever and helped birth the modern Republic.

Religion  13 p

What is a religion? What does it take to qualify? You might be surprized.

The Church In Time Chart  1 p

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Things I have heard  1p

Two Great Pentecostals' remarks on Reformed Theology