David J Keyser PhD

The Doners - Done With Church

There is a new group arising in America today. It is those people who are done with church. And they are not all Millennials. They are from the inner core of congregations. They have been the most faithful, the best givers, and the most supportive. And they are done with church. The group is growing month by month.

They are done because they are tired of being spectators. They are done because they are tired of the endless singing led by a rock star wannabe. They are done because they are tired of being told to adore their pastors instead of God. And they won’t be back.

If they end up going anywhere, it will be to small informal groups where relationships can be developed. The rise of the House Church or Simple Church or Organic Church is upon us.

Note: To Google this phenomena look for “done with church” as the word “doners”  gets confused with the word “donors” who are persons who donate something voluntarily.

Birth Year Classification System For The Generations In America:




Elders……….1945 earlier